Monday, December 30, 2013

The Homeopathic Support at Home

It is no secret to those who know me that I am naturally minded. Some of you may think I am "earthy", "crunchy" or a "hippie" to use essential oils on Emma but I know these oils work. They already stop tantrums, heal rashes, help us sleep and sooth teething pain. Brad and I walk a fine line between putting our faith in medical science and treating naturally. With our children we run tests, get second opinions, weigh the risks and treat naturally when possible. Our pediatrician always supported us using natural treatments when it makes sense. We truly believe in this case we need modern
Emma's tumor is circled
medicine but we will be supporting Emma at home and in the hospital with what ever we find that is safe. We are so blessed to have a medical team at Children's who agree with our choice to use oils and they have been allowing me to use them in the hospital. I will keep everyone posted on which oils we use and if we see an improvement.

 If anyone is curious about which oils we are using to support her here is list,

Frankincense: studies show it shrinks tumors and can aid in cancer treatments. There are even studies that show frankincense shrink cancer that was not responding to chemotherapy. Just google Frankincense and cancer and tons of medical articles will come up.

Sandlewood: anti-tumor and encourages healthy cell growth. It is used topically to aid with cancer treatments. It soothes and provides emotional balance.
Emma's tumor from behind

Myrrh: Historically Myrrh was used as a treatment for cancer along with leprosy and syphillis. It also helps to increase appetite which is good for chemo patients.

Lavender: lowers anxiety, helps with a low appetite, aids in cancer treatments, calms, soothes, helps with pain, and a whole list too long for here of other great things to help!

Wild Orange: lifts the spirits / antidepressant, anti cancer, and antiseptic.

DDR Prime: studies have proven its effectiveness on reducing cancer cells.

Here is our routine: twice daily I apply diluted Frankincense, Sandlewood, Myrrh and  Lavender to Emma's spine, feet and forehead where her largest tumor is located. I also apply them to Gracie's feet since she very likely has neurofibromatosis as well.

I diffuse Frankincense, Wild Orange and Sandlewood in our home nonstop.

I am going to start applying DDR Prime to Emma once my shipment arrives from doTERRA.

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