Monday, April 14, 2014

Looking for a Third Option

After Emma's last appointment we put up the "bat signal" for someone, anyone to help us. It's amazing how God works in wondrous ways. About ten years ago I had a friend in college with the
same major. We bonded through our classes and after graduating we kept in touch via Facebook. She read my blog on Emma and told me she works at UC Irvine now for a team that specializes in neuro ophthamology and orbital convenient!

She arranged a consult for Emma on Monday when we will be in LA visiting family and after a few short phone calls the MRI results are faxed over and we are all set to see if someone else can give us a third option.

Here is my thinking, maybe, just maybe we can do a less invasive surgery to remove just part of the tumor so her eye can sit properly and the pressure is relieved. It might not be possible but that is what we are going to find out. If given the option
I would rather do a couple smaller surgeries as needed then chemotherapy or a big surgery where she loses an eye. If Emma follows the NF1 pattern her tumor will continue to grow at random times and increments until the age of six. For some reason at six years old these tumors tend to shrink on their own. I've never wished for time to pass quickly but this will be the longest three years of my life!

Marching forward we are hoping and praying for some answers or at least more options. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel down to LA and meet with this new doctor.

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