Monday, May 26, 2014

It Takes a Village

Emma's auction is now open, Auction link. This process has been so healing for me. When it comes to the internet I am typically a very private person. Before Emma's diagnosis I had thirty Facebook friends, by choice! Now I've opened my virtual life to a new set of amazing people and I feel so blessed. This auction has given our family so much love from selfless donations to generous bids. I am so glad my friend Arielle convinced me to jump.

The auction runs until Friday the 30th and I'm posting new items all week. Make sure to check in on your bids and keep an eye out for new goodies.

In Emma news, she has an MRI on Friday to determine the extent of the surgery needed. The risks of putting a child this age under are high and I'm usually filled with fear and anxiety for days before.
The last two times I did the embarrassing mom cry. I know the nurses are used to it but it makes me feel so helpless to break down in front of them at the MRI room. Please keep our Emma in your prayers this week and please add me, I'm going to need it!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Something Magical

Crisis brings out the best in a handful of angelic people but others disappear. Through Emma's fight I have watched friends, strangers and even family look away. I can see it in their eyes; the pity, the fear of it happening to their child and even the apathy. As hard as it has been to have this happen it has left room for something magical. Strangers, friends and family have come forward in amazing ways to help us.

I have seen more Godly acts in the last few months then in my entire life. Friends, family and strangers coming along side us to offer a helping hand. This donation was one of them. I contacted several companies sharing Emma's story and her auction. Most went ignored. This company responded to me right away and offered not just kind words but this amazing donation.

This is a company I watch online because we love their work and like to save up to buy an amazing
piece but also because they do giveaways on their page. After I contacted them about Emma I was scrolling through their news feed and learned that just a few weeks ago they did another amazing act for a hurting family. Here is the News Story

Companies that are kindhearted and selfless like this one deserve all our love and support. Please take time to like them on Facebook, Facebook. And visit their site, Elves and Angels Their work is as beautiful as their hearts!

We also had our church offer to make a payment toward Emma's medical bills. That selfless act sparked a charity at the hospital to take notice of us and we are now filling out the paperwork to receive their aid for Emma's MRI bills. It's been a battle and it will continue when we receive her surgery bills from UC Irvine but this is a huge step in the right direction!

To those who look away or disappear, I don't blame you. I know my kid makes you uncomfortable. She makes you fear something terrible could happen to your own child and perhaps this sad idea makes you depressed. Honestly, sometimes I secretly wish I could disappear from my own life for even 10 minutes or it turns out this all just a horrible nightmare and I will wake up. But it's not possible so we march onward hoping that beautiful people like the ones I mentioned will continue to make us smile.

Don't forget Emma's Auction starts on the 25th, we still have time to accept donations and make sure to come and bid on that beautiful kitchen! Auction

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day

Trying to coordinate three doctors at the same time for one appointment is a nightmare! If you haven't guessed yet our Care Council fell through yesterday. We are trying again next week. I will update everyone after it happens, if it happens!

There have been a few of you asking for the links to Emma's Go Fund Me account and auction set up by our friend Arielle. Here are the links, Emma's Go Fund Me and Emma's Auction

As we approach Mothers Day I reflect back to the very first time I held my babies. They were in the NICU with several machines and feeding tubes hooked up to their tiny three and four pound frames. A nurse asked me if I wanted to hold one, I sat down in a glider and she handed me the smallest baby I had ever held in my life. This little creature looked up at me, we locked eyes and suddenly she had my heart. I looked up at Brad and he snapped this picture.
That teeny little love is our Emma. Before holding her I was very concerned I wasn't strong enough for NICU multiples. After this moment I remember clearly saying to Brad "we can do this". I still say that today, we can do this. Emma was the first baby to make me a mother, it has never been easy but it has been rewarding. Being Emma and Gracie's mother has been my toughest job with the worst hours but I'd volunteer to do it all over again. So thank you to my three little loves, Emma, Gracie and Cora for making me a Mama and filling our home with love.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Emma!

Miss Emma turned three this week along with her twin sister Gracie. We had a fun filled week to celebrate life and break up the constant in and out of doctor appointments. We had a fun party today with our friend Eli who also shared a May 1st birthday. Now before you start praising me for the amazing party I have to say, I had help. A lot of help! Eli's mommy, Katie, and I teamed up to throw one epic party and let me tell you, it was so much fun!

We also had a week of random acts of kindness. It began with a sweet lady who ran up to us in a Trader Joes. She had read about Emma's story online and offered us her prayers and a bouquet of flowers. We were so touched. We also had a huge donation of diapers and hospital snacks from our electric company. Yes, you read

that correctly, our electric company! TID was so moved by our battle that they gathered things to help and delivered them last night. I have never been so moved by a random act of kindness. We don't even know these people and they do this for us. It was beautiful. To TID, you all are amazing, wonderful people. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Next up on the agenda is a care conference with all of Emma's doctors on Wednesday and another MRI on the 30th. We are moving to a new home on 24th, anyone who can help pack up the week before, help on the day of or cleaning on the week after that would be a huge blessing! We also have an auction coming up to help off set Emma's mounting medical bills. It is organized by our friend Arielle. She is gathering hand made goodies and placing them in an auction on the 25th - 31st. If you can donate an item please comment on the auction event page and we will get in touch with you. It is a public event so please share it and attend! Emma's Auction