Sunday, September 11, 2016

Princess Gracie in Disneyland

Our Princess Gracie just got back from her Make a Wish trip. She had a blast. The first day at the
resort we decided to let her have Mommy and Daddy to herself so Emma went to her Grandparent's home for a day of Grammy pampering. We hit up the pool and the lego store and just let her be a kid. The next day we saw the new Anna and Elsa Frozen show, oh my goodness, if you have not seen it GO! It was amazing and all three girls were in awe the whole time. We did lunch with the princesses at Ariel's Grotto then Gracie and Mommy stayed at the park alone to let Gracie have full control of her day (Emma likes to tell her what to do). We hit up all the CA Adventure rides she wanted to go on and to my surprise she wanted to go on The Tower of Terror! Of course after the first drop she looked at me and said, "all done, too scary" but at that point we were in it to win it! She is such a brave girl!

My all time favorite day was Wednesday. We all went to both parks together and thanks to the Genie pass we were able to hit all the rides and shows they wanted to see in that one day. Highlights from that day were...
- Gracie driving at Autotopia, every time she hit the rails Cora would giggle and yell out, "Gracie, drive better!". We laughed the whole ride!
- Dumbo ride. We split up into two Dumbos and the girls loved flying! I loved looking back and seeing Daddy with giggly twins!
- Breakfast at Surf's Up at the Paradise Pier. The girls were so so so happy to see Stitch there!

The last day Gracie got to get all dolled up at the Bippity Boppity Boutique. She transformed into Princess Sofia and we walked around meeting all the princesses.

A huge thank you to Tricia Litts at Make a Wish for tying up loose ends for us and getting us home when we decided flying was going to be too stressful. We appreciate your quick responses and loving attitude!

Now that we are home we are hit with a harsh reality. Emma goes under the knife on Tuesday as well as an MRI. Hopefully later this week we will have the results and know if she is having a cancer relapse. If cancer is back we will discuss oral chemo (we would go to Stanford every 2 weeks) or a trial that she might qualify to try. Of course my phone broke on our first day at Disney, you cannot hear me when I talk. So if you need to get ahold of us text or call Daddy's phone, I am trying to replace my phone as quickly as possible. Please say a prayer for us, I have that horrible mother's intuition that this is the beginning of another battle.