Saturday, January 7, 2017

Love Is An Open Door

Emma's new medication is a long journey, I thought it was time to fill you all in. Emma has debilitating PTSD and ADHD as well as ODD (yes that is many letters). We have been experimenting with several medications since her chemo days about 18 months ago. In that time we have tried four different medications to help with her anxiety, night time panic attacks, and focusing in school. Each had it's side effect that was less than desirable; some caused migraines, most made her even more hyper, and my all time favorite was one that made her talk so fast and for so long (5 hours nonstop) that she hyperventilated.

I packed her up to go back to her doctor to discuss what else we could try after a horrible PTSD meltdown in Target's Pharmacy about her medications and he mentioned that the only thing left to try was an adult antidepressant. I was less than impressed. This poor child has been through enough and I was not about to subject her to addictive adult strength anti-depressants. I expressed my concerns and he had them as well so he gave me a physician's recommendation for CBD. He told me he has only suggested it a handful of times to his patients but it would be a better alternative for Emma.

I began to research children's CBD oils and came across Jayden's Journey. I had heard of them before through documentaries and word of mouth through Stanford, our chiropractor, and documentary films on the cancer industry. I walked in and immediately I had someone helping me figure out how to help Emma. It was about two days before I saw a difference; she was calm, she was kind, she was compliant, when it normally took her 3-4 hours to fall asleep at night now she was out happily in 10 minutes, she was not waking in terror at night, and teaching her in homeschool was more pleasant. I saw a huge difference, a light switch reaction. Suddenly I was kicking myself for fighting this answer for three years. I knew it might work, other cancer kids were successful, but somehow I had to exhaust every single mainstream option before trying this controversial treatment.

Why am I sharing now? Because I want to save other families from struggling as I did. I wish I had just been open minded years back. Now I know better, I know that this works and I know that Emma is happier than I have seen her in a long time. This week we ran out of our supply while trying to fundraise to buy more of the $200 a month oil. Overnight she reverted back to "Before Emma". She was weepy and angry and waking up at night screaming in pain. Again I felt the Mom Guilt. It was my fault she ran out. However, I did learn through default that this is the answer because stopping just for one day she flipped the switch again.

I know I am asking for help to keep her on this medication. I realize that some people feel strongly against any CBD etc. If that is you please know that I am not asking for you to financially support this new medication. If you are morally against CBD that is your stance and I respect it. I am not, however, opening this up for debate. Emma has been through Hell and this helps her, she is happy and kind and has a chance at some type of normalcy on this treatment. Any negativity will not be answered, we respect you and we hope you respect us in return. If you are interested in learning more I highly suggest looking up Jayden's Juice. It is a great product.

Thank you again for caring so deeply for Emma and our family.
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