Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hope for Emma

Many of you have followed us for nearly two years, you have prayed with us, cried for us, and helped us in so many ways. We love you all so much! For those of you who are new here is a quick synapsis of Emma's story,

Emma was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis at the young age of 2, it made her go blind about six months later. Around the same time as she went blind she was diagnosed with cancer. She is now a cancer survivor at age 5 but for her it will be a lifetime battle. We go back to Stanford every three months for MRI scans and to meet with a team of 5 specialists. With NF1 once you have a tumor go bad on you it begins a war of keeping other pre-tumors from doing the same.

She is experiencing a whole host of PSTD like symptoms and even the Stanford child Psychiatrist is unable to give her a specific diagnosis or medication because she has "too many risk factors." We have already tried all the natural ideas from herbs to essential oils to special needs help like sound machines.

We would like to get her a Therapy Dog to help keep her calm at night and in public / hospital which seem to be our two biggest issues. Since she is blind we will work toward a Guide Dog for the Blind after we obtain Therapy Dog status. We believe growing up with this type of assistance will help Emma to assimilate naturally into the adult world and give her the most chance at accessibility. Sadly other do not see things the same way and Emma is too young to apply for a Guide Dog. We looked into a Therapy Dog instead and had sticker shock! Price tags of $15k-40k and 2-3 year wait lists.

Cute LuLaRoe clothes
The best thing for all of us is to take on the heavy lifting ourselves. We already have a breeder who is letting us have pick of the litter and meets the strict breeding requirements for Guide Dogs. I will do all the training with the help of local dog trainers who will come to our home to work with us. 

From my research I am expecting the puppy and training to cost a minimum of $5k. Our friend Kaleigh Clark set up a LuLaRoe fundraiser, the organization will match what we can raise so it will greatly help us while providing cute clothes for you and your little girls! Here is the link to the event. If it does not work for you just shoot me an email at and I can add
Kaleigh and her cutie, Jenny.
you using your email. You can also visit Kaleigh's page, LuLaRoe Kaleigh Clark Facebook. For those of you in the Central Valley we will be having a pop up boutique party at our home on June 11th in the afternoon.

I have had a couple of you amazing Emma warriors ask for a Go Fund Me link, I decided not to use them this time around because they take a significant cut of your contributions and I have a feeling it will be very difficult to raise enough money. We need every cent! Instead we are going to use our She's A Fighter page and Paypal so everything is safe and secure for those of you giving but also 100% of the funds go to Emma's puppy.

Here is the best part, Emma named the puppy Hope.

You can use this image to help spread the word!

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