Thursday, June 2, 2016

the day Emma met Hope

Today we took a trip out to meet puppy Hope. She was a teeny little one week old ball of love. Her eyes were still closed. Sarah, the breeder, placed Hope in Emma's hands and we took this picture. As Auntie Andrea said, in that moment you can actually see Emma holding her future. Freedom, peace, love. All of that in her tiny little hands. Hope is so much more than a puppy. She represents a new life for Emma. Help navigating public places, comfort at night when she has her night terrors, a constant companion who will provide her friendship and love.

It means so much to her but mostly it means a lot to ME. For these last few years I have watched Emma suffer greatly. I have placed her limp body in the arms of surgeons, I have held her angry body as she goes blind slowly and does not understand what is happening, I drove her all over our state seeking the best care possible and 2nd / 3rd/ 4th opinions. So much of this has been out of my control. I could not perform the operation myself to make sure it was done right. I could not kill the tumor. I could not stop her nightmares. Most cancer moms or "Momcologists" will tell you that we feel helpless. We wish we could do more. Well now I can. I have a positive outlet for my energy. I will train this dog and it will help Emma. For once I have a real, tangible thing I can do that will have a lasting impact on my daughter.

Hope is named for what she is, she is hope to us. She represents all the hope I have for Emma in being a peaceful, mobile, and self sufficient adult. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us provide this for Emma. It means so much!

Ways you can help:
- Prayer, this will take a ton of time and energy!
- Connect us with trainers
- Fundraise with us! We have a LuLaRoe party next weekend, info on our other blog post.
- Pass down dog / puppy things. If anyone has gently used doggy things we will happily take them for Hope!

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