Monday, January 6, 2014

Small Step Forward

A quick update for all our loved friends and family praying for Emma,

- we had a consultation with our pediatrician on ways to support Emma. His suggestions were great but it is hard to find doctors who know about the methods mentioned so we will be doing some research to see if any of them are possible. One is particularly intriguing, it's called Insulin Potentiated Therapy. The basic idea is you intentionally drop the blood sugar to make the tumor cells venerable then do chemo. It is supposed to help you get "more bang for your buck" with each dose of chemotherapy. If anyone has any leads on this please contact us.

- all our phone calls to the hospital paid off, we got Emma into the Pediatric Neurooncologist on the 14th. That is a full two weeks sooner! Hopefully that appointment will answer some of our questions.

That's all for now.

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