Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Eye of The Hurricane

It is so odd how your life can turn upside down in a moment but then you find yourself suddenly in a pause. A short time of "normal" where life just happens and getting up in the morning no longer
hurts. We have been happily in this state of "back to regular programming" for two weeks. Instead of appointments we had sidewalk chalk and instead of tests we had homeschool lessons. But alas all good things must come to an end.

We are currently waiting on a specialized NF clinic in San Jose for a second opinion. It only happens once a month and they are setting the March date soon. The second test we are waiting on an appointment is the VEP (a specialized eye exam). Then in a couple weeks Emma has a follow up MRI and appointments with her Neurologist and NF Genetics specialist. I am not looking forward to the next MRI, they have to put Emma under for the test which is risky and nerve provoking.

Going forward we will need all you lovely friends and family. We will need help with Gracie play dates when she is not allowed to come along and dinners for the next couple appointments coming up. If you are ready and able please contact me to coordinate. We also need specific prayer for the next MRI. Please pray that the tumor is at least stable and not growing. Also pray for a miracle that it is shrinking. As always we are so very thankful for our amazing family and friends who have helped us, we would be lost with out you!

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