Monday, April 7, 2014

Returning with Hope

It's been a couple weeks of celebrating birthdays in the family but this week it is back to the hospital we go. This Friday Emma has an appointment with the Genetics specialist we met with in January for
a follow up. She will be able to give us more details on Emma's last MRI then the Neurologist at our last appointment.

Don't get me wrong, I love Children's Hospital but last time they made me pretty frustrated. We were kept waiting for over two hours in a waiting room before her MRI then after she woke up we headed straight over to our appointment with the Neurologist who knew we were just waking up from anesthesia and already had a long day. He kept us waiting for 30 minutes in the main waiting room and 2 hours in a small exam room. Then he came in and lectured us on not blindly starting chemotherapy and said simply Emma's tumor had no significant growth.

But that is not simple. No significant growth could have a huge meaning. We know up till now her tumor has been growing at "an alarming rate" since that is what every doctor has said to this point. No growth at a time when the rest of her body grew rapidly from a size 2T to a 4T might mean our essential oil routine is working. It also might mean nothing. But details he did not give, instead he rushed us out and said to get another MRI in 3 months.

On Friday we are hoping for more information and a little more conversation about Emma. We ask that you please pray for some good news. We are also trying to negotiate our very large hospital bill that is still growing. It's quite overwhelming being this deep in debt and we ask that you please pray that we can get through it all.

A huge thank you to our very generous family at St. Peter's Lutheran, our dear friends who have blessed Gracie with play dates during appointments, helped with groceries, and one lovely friend who came to mow our lawn! With out your help we would be lost! I will update after our appointment on Friday.

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  1. It's good to hear you're getting help, wish I could pitch in too! Prayers going up mama!


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