Thursday, May 15, 2014

Something Magical

Crisis brings out the best in a handful of angelic people but others disappear. Through Emma's fight I have watched friends, strangers and even family look away. I can see it in their eyes; the pity, the fear of it happening to their child and even the apathy. As hard as it has been to have this happen it has left room for something magical. Strangers, friends and family have come forward in amazing ways to help us.

I have seen more Godly acts in the last few months then in my entire life. Friends, family and strangers coming along side us to offer a helping hand. This donation was one of them. I contacted several companies sharing Emma's story and her auction. Most went ignored. This company responded to me right away and offered not just kind words but this amazing donation.

This is a company I watch online because we love their work and like to save up to buy an amazing
piece but also because they do giveaways on their page. After I contacted them about Emma I was scrolling through their news feed and learned that just a few weeks ago they did another amazing act for a hurting family. Here is the News Story

Companies that are kindhearted and selfless like this one deserve all our love and support. Please take time to like them on Facebook, Facebook. And visit their site, Elves and Angels Their work is as beautiful as their hearts!

We also had our church offer to make a payment toward Emma's medical bills. That selfless act sparked a charity at the hospital to take notice of us and we are now filling out the paperwork to receive their aid for Emma's MRI bills. It's been a battle and it will continue when we receive her surgery bills from UC Irvine but this is a huge step in the right direction!

To those who look away or disappear, I don't blame you. I know my kid makes you uncomfortable. She makes you fear something terrible could happen to your own child and perhaps this sad idea makes you depressed. Honestly, sometimes I secretly wish I could disappear from my own life for even 10 minutes or it turns out this all just a horrible nightmare and I will wake up. But it's not possible so we march onward hoping that beautiful people like the ones I mentioned will continue to make us smile.

Don't forget Emma's Auction starts on the 25th, we still have time to accept donations and make sure to come and bid on that beautiful kitchen! Auction


  1. You are such an amazing mama Anya, I think God knew Emma needed you!! You and your sweet family amaze me with your strength and determination. You are always in my prayers!! I only wish I were closer to you so I could help <3

    1. Thank you Kory! We wish you lived closer too but we feel your love from here!

  2. Your child does not make me feel uncomfortable at all. I think she is cute as can be and I just want to hug her! :) I know sometimes, people look away because they don't want the child (or family) to think they are gawking...know what I mean? :)


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