Monday, May 26, 2014

It Takes a Village

Emma's auction is now open, Auction link. This process has been so healing for me. When it comes to the internet I am typically a very private person. Before Emma's diagnosis I had thirty Facebook friends, by choice! Now I've opened my virtual life to a new set of amazing people and I feel so blessed. This auction has given our family so much love from selfless donations to generous bids. I am so glad my friend Arielle convinced me to jump.

The auction runs until Friday the 30th and I'm posting new items all week. Make sure to check in on your bids and keep an eye out for new goodies.

In Emma news, she has an MRI on Friday to determine the extent of the surgery needed. The risks of putting a child this age under are high and I'm usually filled with fear and anxiety for days before.
The last two times I did the embarrassing mom cry. I know the nurses are used to it but it makes me feel so helpless to break down in front of them at the MRI room. Please keep our Emma in your prayers this week and please add me, I'm going to need it!

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