Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We Got Cabin Fever!

An Emma fly! Wings from The Dainty Warrior.
"I got cabin fever it's burning in my brain. I've got cabin fever it's driving me insane. We got cabin fever, we're flipping our bandanas" If you have never seen Muppet Treasure Island it is worth watching just for this song! Anyone with toddlers will tell you that it is hard to go anywhere but it is even harder to never go anywhere! Day three of staying home with Emma to protect her fragile immune system and allow her to get healthy is bringing us all a little cabin fever. Muppet Treasure Island "We Got Cabin Fever"

Today we are going to do some Valentine's day crafts to give to our friends next month and tomorrow we have chemo. If you are wondering about the timeline we have chemo again next Wednesday then
next Friday we leave for Hawaii. That is why we are staying home. I cannot risk Emma catching another virus before we leave and having a second family vacation in a children's hospital. I asked Make a Wish how they keep immune compromised kids safe on an airplane. I worry because the air gets recirculated and filtered but you cannot filter out a virus. We will be wearing masks but she is a three year old and pulls at it a lot. If any chemo parents have advice we would love to hear your ideas!

Last bit of housekeeping, we seem to be getting more public lately. I see this as both good and bad, but mostly good. We really focus on paying it forward so the more people who follow our story the more likely we are to inspire people to advocate for childhood cancer research, donate jammies or toys to a children's hospital, and help us give away inspirational calendars. The flip side is lately I am
getting a lot of spam. That is why all comments on the blog must be approved now and I watch the Facebook like a hawk deleting things. Sometimes I do not get to it fast enough and in that case please alert me. Also, I would like to state for the record that we DO believe in natural medicine, in fact, our family is very natural, we have a Waldorf home. We are an organic eating, essential oils using, no sugar, whole grain family. If you are selling a natural medicine or a shake or a food program and think it will cure my child's brain cancer I am sorry but you will only get a laugh from us and a polite no thank you. We did only natural for a year and in that year Emma's tumor grew and became much more serious. There is a time and place for natural medicine and we now fully believe that it goes right along side modern medicine for Emma. We do both and we feel comfortable with that choice, our doctors fully support that choice as well. I realize this makes some people uncomfortable but Emma's condition is very serious. We have not fully disclosed her diagnosis and we never will but we will tell you that is a type of tumor that if not treated aggressively will advance from treatable to a few months to live overnight. If you only get one shot to kill something throw everything at it! If you are itching for more details I wrote a blog post a few months back, "Natural Mom Confessions, I Chose Chemo".

A huge thank you to everyone who prayed for us in the hospital and a heartfelt we love you to Grandma and Grandpa, Leia, Katie, Andrea, and Sarah for going above and beyond in the hospital and arriving home. With out your help things would have been unbearable.

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