Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Week Of Busy!

Emma sends you Holy Week blessings!
Some weeks are not outright bad weeks but I still feel like we never have a chance to breathe! This week has been that way. Emma had a rough day at chemo on Monday. Her father and I try to give her twin sister special Mommy and Daddy days every once in a while to make up for the fact that she gets dropped off at other homes on chemo days every week. This week Daddy had Monday off from work for his birthday so he offered to take Emma so I could have a Gracie day. It was supposed to be a quiet chemo day, no surprises. Then I got a terrifying text from Daddy, Emma's port was not drawing blood. This could mean many things but ultimately we had two courses of action, try to thin her blood and try again or surgery to replace the port's tube. Gracie and I rushed home to be on the phone with Daddy and pack an inpatient bag for Emma just in case. Luckily two doses of meds and a whole other access of her port did the trick. It made for a very long day for both Emma and Daddy,
they got home long after bed time. After that appointment Emma kept fighting hives, I have no idea what is causing them but poor baby has been getting hives off and on for days.

We were also working on Fighter boxes this week. The goodies are arriving slowly and in several boxes, I have no idea why we got one order in dozens of boxes over a week when it was all from one place ordered at the same time. Seems like a waste of resources to me! Emma had fun putting the boxes together and picking last minute items with me to make them extra sweet.

To make our week even more interesting Emma had a dentist appointment. It was her first
appointment since chemo started and we were really nervous! We were warned when chemo started that it does terrible damage to teeth and many kids get cavities often. I held my breath during the exam hoping that I did not have to traumatize poor Emma with something else! We were very happy to find out that she has no cavities! She does have three spots with flaky enamel so they are prone to staining and will need extra brushing.

This week Daddy and I were also brainstorming ways to make financial ends meet. Next month two main expenses are increasing dramatically resulting in $500 more a month. We will also have many more appointments then usual for Emma the summer because she is starting behavioral therapy and getting end of chemo round 1 testing done. I cannot work because taking care of Emma is a full time job. We are thinking about doing another fundraiser to help with living expenses and offset costs in May sometime. If anyone has any ideas we would really appreciate the help. It cannot be a sell from home type of thing since I do not have the time and we cannot expose Emma to other people. I am considering another Facebook auction like we did last year with craft items etc.

Thank you for all your continued help and prayer, we are so grateful to have so many loved ones rooting for us!

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