Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Spirit of Giving and Receiving

The spirit of giving.

Ari of She's a Fighter turned 3!
In our home we do not tell our kids that Santa is a physical person but rather that he was a real person and embodies the spirit of giving. We use the story of St. Nicholas to teach our girls that giving is always rewarding and inspires others to do the same.

Sometimes things are given to us. This week we had an amazing and unexpected gift from a group of Mothers of Multiples. It came at a time when we were really struggling emotionally and physically from life just beating us down. Poor Daddy threw out his back and was in and out of the hospital and different doctors offices for meds and tests. He was missing work that he would not get paid to miss because it was a new job with no vacation saved up. I took that precious gift and placed it in our home safe for the end of the pay period when we run up short paying bills. That night I slept soundly knowing our needs would be met.

We also had Gracie's Make a Wish ceremony this week. I cannot think of any gift that would brighten her day more than getting to dream and wish BIG. She had so much fun talking about her favorite
things. Her three wishes were to, 1. Be Princess Sophia for a day (from Sophia the First) She said that meant going to a castle and having a tea party. 2. Seeing Cinderella's castle at Disney World. 3. To swim with Mickey Mouse and the gang on a Disney Cruise. So now we wait for the Make a Wish board to meet and pick which wishes they can grant. Typically they give the parents two options. We
will keep you posted!

Giving to others. This is something I really push in our home. We are constantly raising money for other fighters we know or sending them little cheer up gifts. Even if it is just sending the Chemo Mama some Starbucks funds, we know a little goes a long way! Each holiday season I have the girls individually give something to someone that is outside of our regular gift exchange circle. This year they have been helping me make and find special presents for the other four girls in She's a Fighter.

Celebrating 3 more months off chemo
Through out the last two years of giving to cancer friends we have occasionally been met with some resistance from others. Why are you helping that family? Aren't they wealthy? Now that is sad. Giving is not about NEED it is about LOVE. When we give to these other chemo and cancer families we are not asking for a W2 or passing judgment on what they chose to spend the money on. If they need food or gas and the money helps with those needs that is fine. If they money pays for Breakfast with the Characters to make a chemo princess smile that is wonderful. If it buys a pretty dress that brings a smile to the face of a child that constantly struggles with pain that is fantastic. If we only gave to those who are physically poor we would miss an amazing opportunity to reach out to those who are emotionally bankrupt. If you take anything away from this post I hope it is this, we accept gifts in LOVE and we give gifts in LOVE, no strings attached.

Now I hope that inspires you to give to others as well! This time of year Children's Hospitals are always in need of new and unopened toys for kids that are there on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. For the last two years we were inpatient and were given a new gift. It actually made me cry both years because I saw Emma smile wide at the sight of a huge box of toys where she got to pick one. If you are local to us we are taking gifts from us and teddy bears collected from our local Trader Joes to Lucille Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford when we go see our Neuro Surgeon on Dec. 22nd. We can take anything you gather along with us. If you are not local I encourage you to find your own neighborhood Children's Hospital and drop off a toy or two, I promise that toy will get love!

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