Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Week Hope Came Home

It was a hot Tuesday morning, teeny puppy yelps echoed through the orchard. Her litter was in a large running area, I wondered silently to myself if I would recognize her or if the sea of fluffy amber hair would camouflage our baby. Puppies all ran up to us singing happily and begging for cuddles. Then I saw her waiting patiently in the back. I saw her and she saw me. She came forward and I picked her up. Her tail wagged with joy as she nuzzled my neck. I put her collar on her and handed to Emma. They locked eyes and instantly there was love. She was always meant to be part of our family. We knew it and she knew it. Family.

Ever since Tuesday we have we have been lost in puppy cuddles, sweet awkward play around the house, and documenting all the funny ways she falls asleep. She is not even trained yet but she is already contributing so much. She has kept Emma calm at night so she falls asleep sooner, she stays happy in her room waiting for the rest of the house to wake up while she plays with her puppy, and she has not had a tantrum out in public with Hope. If anyone ever had any doubts about the power of a dog and human relationship they should see Emma's before and after.

In a couple weeks Hope will be old enough to begin puppy training. After those 6 weeks of classes she will move on to more intense training. I plan to be there with Emma in tow so Hope learns she answers to an Alpha and a Beta in this family. She is already learning so fast so I have lofty dreams of her completing her training to be an official Seeing Eye Dog!

To everyone who helped us gather funds to bring her home we are so very thankful! We still need to raise as we go to pay for her training but getting her home was by far the biggest financial hurdle. Now we have just small hurdles to jump financially but more responsibility placed on us!

Here are some more pictures of the girls.

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