Sunday, August 7, 2016

"Mommy, Where's Your Car?"

It was a normal Sunday morning, I was preparing breakfast and the kids were running around making requests for pancakes and berries while I sleepily made coffee.

"Mommy, where's your car?" Emma asked.
"In the driveway honey."
"It's not there."
"Yes it is."
"No...where's your car Mommy?"

I walked out from the kitchen to our living room and sure enough, a blank driveway. No way, my car was stolen!? Brad and I looked at each other in disbelief. "My car was stolen?" I knew I had seen it at 10pm the night before when I was preparing our bread dough. Now it is gone. Phone calls, police reports, insurance I sit staring at my empty driveway.

My life was in that car. Three expensive car seats, my running stroller, Hope's puppy kennel, Emma's Kindle Fire with all her downloaded Disney movies for hospital trips, my iPod...oh no my iPod! It may have been old but it was mine! I feel so violated, I feel sad, I feel like a bad country song.

In the span of one month Emma's tumors have enhanced, I was diagnosed with PTSD, I had to fire a doctor for the first time ever, Brad had his own cancer scare and a minor surgery to remove it, and now my car has been stolen along with so many of our belongings. I am beginning to take this personally.

I keep thinking we have hit rock bottom, then something else happens. At this point I am not sure it will ever get better. What to know some irony in all of this? I was supposed to teach Sunday School today, the topic I was assigned was Job. Umm ya, can't make this stuff up.

So today I will take a lesson from Job, I will continue to trust in God and that He has some sort of master plan for us. Although I have no idea what that entails (and I hope it has no more tragedy) I will trust that He cries with us.

For those of you who have asked about what happens now, I am not completely sure. Our insurance dept that handles stolen cars is only open Monday - Friday. I will call first thing tomorrow and figure out where to go from here. My hope is in the end this will somehow become a blessing for us. After all, we did hit rock bottom today...right?

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