Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Collective Beating Heart of Humanity

Helping Hearts,

I am not a "everything happens for a reason" person...I can be better described as "shit happens" and "keep calm and trust God". In this situation I felt no different. It did not feel like there was some epic, cosmic reason that our car was stolen and along with it nearly all of our nice possessions. It felt more like a "shit happens" type of situation. Who knows why it happened to us but it happened.
Matilda Jane sent us a box of pretty!

I've changed my mind.

In this situation I think God spun it around so it came back to bless us. These last three weeks have been extremely stressful. I have sobbed like a small child, yelled, lost my temper, and swallowed my pride. It was hard, but it was also healing. Many things happened in these three weeks that made me realize that there is a collective beating heart of humanity. That for the most part the world is good, car thieves are in the minority. Although I will never understand what possessed a man  to steal an aqua blue baby bus with over 100k miles on it, a car that had tons of childhood cancer awareness and info in it so clearly it was needed, a car that was obviously used heavily and well maintained...why that car? Why not one of the nicer cars on our street? I will never know why but I do know this,

Tula sent a "Beacon" carrier
- I had to surrender to the unknown. There many unknowns in this car situation. We were not sure we could buy another car, even with the insurance pay off. We knew we could never afford to replace all the items in the car, many of which were needed for hospital trips. All I knew for sure is I had to surrender.

- I had to accept help. Borrowed seats, offers to replace stolen items, purchasing a car for a price we could afford, allowing news crews to move our tight schedule around so we could tell our story and receive help. I am great at helping, not so good at accepting help. Nothing like a swift kick in the rear end to push you into having no choice but to accept help!

- I had to release the idea that I could somehow pay back everyone who helped. If I get sick and you bring me a meal then you get sick I will bring you a meal. I try to keep track of people who extend themselves for us and make sure to be there for them when their lives crumble. It is part of being a good friend, it is polite, but also it makes me uncomfortable to always accept help but not give back. This situation taught me that sometimes you cannot fully payback people who go out of their way to
Walmart replaced some stolen items
help you. The people who helped us with the car, the friends who drove that car up from LA for us on their day off, the companies who replaced their item we had purchased in the past that was stolen, the corporations that just generously gave of items, the friends who sent gifts to make us smile, and the people who called to check up on us (from the local police to our hospital social worker to friends).

I hate the cliché of "everything happens for a reason", even after this situation I still hate it. I will offer an alternative,

In each situation there is a life lesson you are meant to learn.

So here is my life lesson learned; there is a collective beating heart of humanity. When your heart breaks in life others stop to grieve with you and offer to repair, when your heart rejoices humanity gathers to celebrate with you. People from all over the country rallied to help us, we are all human, our hearts beat as one.

New to us wheels!
So here is my early morning, coffee sponsored way of saying thank you. Thank you for helping us. Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for crying with us. Thank you for reaching out to companies to tell our story, thank you for showing up with news crews to spread the word that we needed help, thank you for giving of your time and resources and finances. We are so grateful. Although I know we can never fully repay all of you we humbly add our heartbeat to yours. If you need a friend we are here.

Love to all of you,
The Heidenbergs

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