Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A New Twist

Childhood is magical, little girls especially have this pure view on the world. It sparkles. It is full of fireflies and fairies, princesses who ride off into the sunset, castles, gnomes, and flowers as tall as a tree. To see the world through the eyes of a child is to see a story book. So is it not fitting that our calender project look childlike? The face of Cancer Can Be has morphed into a fairy tale. Emma will take our little cancer warriors on a journey all year to far away lands and bring some magic back into their world. It's about being a child and loving life for what it can be and what we hope it to be again soon.

For those who went before us, 
To those who fight at our side,
 For those who won the battle, 
To those who come along for the ride; 
We dedicate this project to you and hope it inspires you too.

Emma is wearing Persnickety's Princess Millie dress which donates money to childhood cancer families.

The Cancer Can Be Project...coming soon 

Preordering begins on September 1st to kick off Childhood Awareness Month. For every calender you buy a childhood cancer warrior will receive one free for the holidays. If you have a cancer warrior in mind please contact us on our Facebook page to get on the list. I am still working out pricing and if you would like to be a sponsor we still have a need!

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