Saturday, August 30, 2014

Official Initiation

The life of a chemo kid is complex. In my purse you will find an array of odd things that most people
do not carry; topical numbing cream, an orbital temperature thermometer, tegaderm tape, gummy bear bribes, and a chemo port info card. That is just the beginning and as we discovered yesterday, weekly chemo visits are not always the end to your hospital stay for the week.

Yesterday Emma was quiet, easy going and peaceful. That sounds nice to a normal parent but to me it was a huge red flag that she did not feel well. I took her temperature and it read 101.4, oh we go! For people who are new to the chemo world any fever of over 101 is considered an emergency and earns you a ticket to the nearest ER. The reason is her chemo port creates a central line, if an infection occurs in a central line then it can result in death in a very short time span. The
first sign is usually fever. She was not feeling well and spiked a fever so off we went. It was our first and most likely not our last unexpected trip.

We dropped Gracie off at a dear friend's house and prepared for a day of waiting and tests. Thankfully her tests came back no sepsis which is the deadly infection I mentioned. The only negative is we have no idea what caused her fever. We were sent home with one shot of antibiotics to prevent an infection from the ER and told to monitor her and bring her back if she spikes a fever again.

 Sadly this is the life of a chemo kid and one we hope to leave behind very soon. 

Thank you  to all our prayer warriors on our Facebook page leaving us encouraging messages yesterday and a huge thank you to Sandy, my chemo mom buddy, who helped talk me through my first crisis. We love you!

In news that is much more fun, our Trunk Keeper for our Matilda Jane clothes is hosting a party online for Emma and donating her commission to Emma! She is such a sweetheart! I know you all love Emma's clothes, she does too. This girl is quite the little fashionista. If you would like to buy some clothes for your little girl or for yourself, I wear a lot of their mama line which is very flattering, please do so this Monday and Tuesday through Leslie so little Emma get's the credit. Here is a link to the party, Emma's Matilda Jane Party or you can contact me through our Facebook page and I will get everything to Leslie.

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