Monday, September 1, 2014


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It doesn't see color, race or background. It could care less if you are an innocent child or come from a poor family. It is in every city in every state in our whole country. Childhood Cancer is a problem. Every 4 minutes another parent has to hear the heart stopping phrase, "Your child has cancer". It is not fair. These kids deserve a childhood. They deserve research and funding. It is heartbreaking but a very small percentage of cancer research funding goes to pediatrics. To quote my friend Sandy who has her own Childhood Cancer Warrior, "Only 4% of NCI's tax-payer funded annual budget accounts for ALL of the childhood cancers. Pharmaceutical companies account for 60% of cancer drug development. Of that money zero dollars will be devoted towards developing medications for pediatric cancer. Zero. Why? Because there is no profit in pediatric cancer. THERE IS NO PROFIT IN PEDIATRIC CANCER. Now repeat that to yourself a few times and let the rage wash over you." I could not say it better myself. 

It is time for change. It is time to care about our children. It is time to give a childhood to these amazing warriors. It is time to stop pumping our kids full of poison because it is their only hope of survival to adulthood. Change, together we can create change. This month is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Will you stand with us? Will you fight at our side? Will you go GOLD for Emma this month on social media to raise awareness? 

This month we go GOLD for Emma, for Brooklyn, for Jaxson, for Lilly for all our friends who fight the same horrible battle we do. This is for us and this is for you. We are in this together. 


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  1. Hi Anya! Erin Tracy from the Modesto Bee is trying to contact you! I just spoke with her on the phone, and I think you should have an email from her already.


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