Friday, September 19, 2014

Dressed for Emma

Today we had a fun shipment of shirts, a couple weeks ago a friend of ours offered to screen print a couple shirts for the family. I sent them a logo I created and they made us amazing custom creations. The girls all look so cute in their matching outfits! Thank you Katie and Derek for donating your time and resources!

In other news poor Emma was throwing up all night / morning. I realized after we were about two hours out from the hospital that I only saw one vial not two when Emma was given chemo...that could only mean one thing, she did not get her anti nausea meds. Sure enough around hour 12 the nausea hit. Today the laundry was going nonstop and this Mama spent many hours cleaning. Oh the joys of chemo treatments. She is much better now, usually the nausea is only for a couple hours. Luckily she has had a healthy appetite to make up for it today.

After this week I am ready to get out of this house! I caught the virus Emma had that sent her to the ER and our youngest decided to join me. Gracie and Daddy managed to escape it all and sneak away with no illness. That made us under house arrest for another week. We love our home but this family needs to get out now and into some sunshine! Hopefully we can all get some fun in over the weekend.

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