Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nominate Your Cancer Warrior!

We have a form to complete to nominate your Childhood Cancer Warrior to receive a free Cancer Can Be Calender for the holidays. I need a general number for the printer so please submit your child as soon as you can. Form Please share this with anyone you know that may find some hope and inspiration from our little project. I will have a place to purchase the calenders soon, if anyone has any recommendations for hosting sites that I can link easily to the blog please contact me.

On a personal note Emma finished her first month of chemo. One month down and eleven more to
go. She was not feeling too well this week and we found one of the reasons today. She has thrush. It is not related to the chemo but it is a result of a compromised immune system.

Yesterday we were interviewed by Erin at the Modesto Bee for a story on Emma. It is our hope that the story helps to promote the Cancer Can Be Project and creates more awareness for Childhood Cancer. I know I have said it before but I will say it again and again until it changes, 3.8% is not a high enough of a percentage in the budget for all pediatric cancer research. It is unacceptable. Our kids are worth more then this teeny tiny budget. They deserve treatments that are less toxic. They deserve a childhood. Please please do not look away. I know they are sad, believe me, I know. Bald children, the sick, the dying babies. I know that you do not want to look but what if it was YOUR child? What if your baby was diagnosed with cancer? Would you find 3.8% acceptable? Would you want to pump her full of chemo and pray she sees adulthood? Please do not look away, fight for us so we can save others. Join us. I have been asked recently who to donate to if you felt so lead to help with Childhood Cancer research. I have done some research and I can safely say I promote St. Baldrick's Foundation.

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  1. May God bless and heal your beautiful little girl and bring peace and joy to your family.


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