Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bring On Autumn

My favorite time of year; pumpkins, spices, holidays and the best weather for our town. The mornings are cool and crisp, the days are just warm enough and the nights finish us off with orange
and red skies. I wish I could bottle up Autumn and carry it around on bad days. Emma shares my love of Fall. We can feel it coming. She woke up Monday morning ready to experience all that the season could offer so we went to a local farm with friends. We played, we fed chickens, we ran through the hay barrel maze, we were kids. It was a nice break from reality.

Emma with our Nature Table
Even our home changes for the season, our homeschooling Waldorf table changed from Summer themed to Fall themed. I switch out our clothes and toys for things that work in Autumn and I have Cinnamon, Orange and a blend called OnGuard going in our home oil diffuser all day to make our home smell like Fall.

We heard back from Make a Wish this week, Emma should be going in to make her wish soon. We are excited for something different! Brad keeps joking that Emma will be drawn to a picture of a football team and a family who could care less about sports gets to meet the Packers...I joke that Emma is going to wish to meet a celebrity not because she actually likes that person but because she is drawn to the dress that woman is wearing in the picture! Who knows what will happen but we are just happy that Emma gets to do something magical. Some of you have asked if I could make the wish for her what would I wish...I would wish for a family vacation. Anywhere but here! We have never been on a family vacation and Miss Emma loves the beach and pools. Somewhere fun and relaxing...that's what this mama would wish for! And if it happened to have a spa and a drink with a teeny umbrella that would be even better.

I made an 8x10 flyer for Emma's calendars, feel free to save the photo to your computer and make copies. We need more cancer warriors to sign up for free calendars so please get the word out!
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Tomorrow Emma goes back to long appointments and two chemo drugs. It was nice to have a two week break of only one drug but like all good things it came to an end. I am hoping that she does better going back on both, it seems that the one she had a break from is the one causing all her undesirable side effects. It was so nice to have two weeks of Emma eating and drinking normally. Poor baby is starting to lose some weight, there is not a huge difference on the scale but her clothes are falling down and I had to go back to some of her smaller sizes recently. Please surround us in prayer as we try to get Emma to gain a little weight and stay healthy.

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