Thursday, September 11, 2014

Off House Arrest

When people see me out in public and say, "You have your hand's full" my knee jerk reaction is to reply back, "You don't even know the half of it!". Funny how people perceive others. "But she doesn't look sick". The thing is, appearances are deceiving, are they not? Emma does look sick if you know her well. The color of her skin has changed and she has dark circles under her eyes. If you see her next to her healthy twin sister you can tell she is sick. Appearances are deceiving. Lucky for us Emma still has her hair, please God let her keep her hair.

Emma's numbers are back up this week so we are off house arrest! Her thrush is clearing up thanks to
week 5
our doTERRA OnGuard oils. You should have seen the look on the Oncologists face when I told him essential oils, not Nystatin was responsible for her healing. It was classic! We just put a couple drops on her feet and a beadlet in her mouth twice a day and a week later it is almost gone!

Emma and baby sister Cora waiting for doc
We have the website up and running for Emma's info, on it you will find her Cancer Can Be Project ordering, the form to fill out to receive a free calender if you have a Childhood Cancer Warrior and sneak peek pictures of our project. Please pass the link along to anyone you know with a Warrior. It also has the link for becoming a sponsor, we are having all donations go directly to the printer and shipping company. I ordered cards today with ordering information on them, if you would like some to pass along or place in your business just contact me and I will get a bunch over to you! Here is the link,

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