Monday, September 29, 2014

We Have Hearts of Gold

Our little Emma is doing well lately. She seems to have hit her stride with the chemo and settled into
Emma with her twin Gracie and baby sister, Cora
a routine. Oddly enough doctor visits are helping us with homeschooling. I have been teaching the girls time words; yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the days of the week. Emma meticulously goes over which day today is and tells me how many days she has until her doctor appointment. "Mommy today is Saturday, no doctor. Go to doctor on Thursday."

Stopping to smell the flowers
We heard back from Make A Wish today and set a date to travel to the Make A Wish Palace in Sacramento on the 11th. Emma gets to make three wishes and the volunteers find a way to grant one of them for her. We are really excited to do something fun outside of the hospital. I think we will make a day of it in Sacramento and do some sight seeing!

As September comes to a close and we say good buy to Childhood Cancer Awareness Month let us walk away with gold imprinted in our hearts. It is not about a month, it is about a war. An epic war on pediatric cancer. This month was filled with amazing news and sorrow. A soul we knew won ended his battle and went to be with Jesus. A loving mother who runs a nonprofit to help families with children fighting cancer faced her
Emma and Gracie at Farmer's Market
daughter's birthday with her little girl in heaven and not at her side. This month also brought a new chemo drug for pediatrics which is currently getting FDA approval. It has a 90% success rate in killing sarcoma. This is great news and we hope it paves the way for a drug to cure Emma of this evil forever. It was a month of highs and lows but the month of gold will live on in our hearts. Take it with you, keep your hearts gold for Emma, and continue through out the year to raise awareness for the lack of funding for childhood cancer. Keep it gold.

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