Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cancer Can Be...a Work in Progress

Little sister guarded the shoes until Emma got up from nap.
Our Cancer Can Be Project is coming along nicely, we have five of the twelve months completely ready to go. Each weekend Emma and I try to knock out two photoshoots but the ER visits set us back a little. We received a huge donation of shoes from our favorite brand Livie & Luca this week! Here is a link to a video of Emma opening up the shoes, she is a very happy girl! Emma's Video Clip We were so surprised at their generosity. I contacted several of our favorite clothing brands telling them about the project and asking if they would like to participate in some way but leaving the options for participation open ended to let them chose. Most went unanswered, some danced around the issue but never actually said no even though they meant no and the rest gave us the "we will check and get back to you" but we never heard from them again. Livie & Luca responded and then did something we never expected, they sent us a huge box of shoes! We are overwhelmed at their
All profits from this dress helps childhood cancer families!
kindness and will be forever devoted to that brand! Also, Emma is wearing the Persnickety Princess Millie dress for the month of September. Back when we first were diagnosed with cancer they lovingly sent her a sample months before the dress release to wear for her before chemo pictures. It was only fitting that we use it for Childhood Cancer Awareness month in the calendar. Thanks again to Persnickety Clothing Company for giving Emma that amazing dress.

Now that we have the shoes there are only a few more loose ends to tie up to be able to do all the months. I was envisioning a tea party as one of the shoots with some of our fellow cancer warriors but I cannot seem to find a whimsical looking kid's table and chairs. I have seen a few but our donation funds for the project costs are running low so I need to be prudent. If anyone finds one please let me know!

A few of you have been asking when you can buy a calendar or how to buy one. I am working on that, it is more complicated then I first thought. I do not want any of the funds from the project to get mixed up with our own accounts since this is not a for profit project but a pay it forward venture. I have yet to figure out a payment method you all can use that I can put in a completely different account just for this and then use it to pay the printer and shipper. If anyone has done this before and you can help please contact me. So for now you cannot buy a calendar but hopefully soon!

Emma has been much better this week but she also has only been given one of her two chemo drugs. Every couple weeks they give her body a "break" and give her only one chemo drug for two weeks straight. The difference was huge. She had energy, she ate, she drank, she played. It makes me happy to she Emma acting herself again but it also put into perspective how hard both drugs have been on her body. I am not looking forward to going bath to both next week. For now I will enjoy one more week of happy Emma and hope she does better when she goes back on both.

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