Thursday, August 21, 2014

Settling In

We went into today armed for battle. I had eight hours of activites, snacks, a good friend to help for the first three hours and coffee. Of course when you are prepared then you get out in half the time...but no complaints here! We were in and out today in 4.5 hours. It was still all day since we drive for 4 hours total but it was easier to stay sane with half the visit time. A huge thank you to Tracey for playing with Gracie and Michiko for being our chemo buddy today. It is still not easy but I think we are already getting the hang of this chemo thing. The doctors said Emma is responding really well so far, her blood work is great and she is active. They think her hyperactivity is due to the chemo actually making her feel better...I think that is a little silly. Maybe it is all this extra love from all of you!

Don't forget that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month! Together we can raise awareness and increase funding. In a couple weeks go GOLD for Emma!

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  1. You guys are troopers! So glad today went well--I was praying for you!
    I hope tomorrow is a little calmer...but if Emma's hyperactivity means she's feeling better, HALLELUJAH!

    Love you!


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