Monday, October 13, 2014

Hair and There

Emma had a blast at the beauty salon! She loved all the attention from the ladies there and sat nice and still for her cut. We were very happy to discover that instead of cutting off the curl which is what we expected would occur, her hair cut then curled down and covered her sparse areas! We were able to take her form 6-8" to 2-3" with an end result that looked both normal and adorable. You can only tell that she lost half her hair when it is wet. She is pretty upset that she lost the ablility to have piggy tails and french braids but I traded her those hairstyles for new headbands and hats. We can only hope and pray that this is where it ends with the hair loss but if more falls out we will deal with it in a hip, classy way.

This weekend we traveled to the nearby farm and pumpkin patch for a little fun. All three girls had a wonderful time running through hay mazes, petting goats and picking pumpkins. I love those days when we feel like a normal family and forget about cancer.

This Friday we are heading down to LA for a post surgical follow up, an in depth eye exam and a fitting for glasses. We can only do glasses if Emma still has enough sight to make it worth while. Sadly nerve damage is not something you can correct with spectacles so if Emma loses her sight it is gone forever or until the medical community finds a way to repair the nerve. While we are there it looks like ABC News will do a story on Emma! We are still working out the details but hopefully you will see our cutie pie on the news next week! We also worked in a trip to the LA Zoo with our Auntie and Uncle and brunch with family. It will be busy but it should be fun!

By the end of the week I should have all the Cancer Can Be photoshoots finished and we will move forward with printing! Some of you have asked how you can help, right now the immediate need is help with printing costs. We worked out a deal with Costco where they are giving us a $1 off each calendar and I can pick them up locally to save on shipping costs. If you feel so lead you can send us a Costco gift card that we can use to help pay for the printing. I am still working out how to get accounts set up so you all can buy a calendar with out it getting mixed up in our finances but not so involved that I have to start a nonprofit. It is a lot of red tape! The last thing we want is it to look like to the IRS is that we made a bunch of money and they start investigating us! It is hard working keeping everything above board.

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