Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Persnickety, We Love You!

Sometimes people come into your lives and enrich your journey beyond what you thought possible. Even more special is what Emma and I have experienced in the last few months, teams of people! Companies have come forward to cheer Emma up, provide donations for her Cancer Can Be project and provide prayer. Elves and Angels, Livie & Luca shoes and Persnickety Clothing Company have gone above and beyond for our Cancer warrior.
Well they did it again! I was casually looking through my Facebook newsfeed when I found this blog post,
This company is constantly helping childhood cancer families.  The dress that Emma is wearing on
her blog page is the Princess Millie dress. It was designed by a Cancer warrior and the company donates all the sale profits to The Millie's Princess Foundation which helps childhood cancer families with expenses. A couple weeks ago you may have saw us post asking for help with a girl named Phoebe, that was all Persnickety! They see a need and jump in to help. We are proud to wear their clothes and promote their Princess Millie dress!

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