Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Make a Wish Picture Story

Yesterday our family traveled to Sacramento to have Emma make her wish. We arrived a few hours early to play in the historic down town area. We went out to lunch, saw ships and trains, said hello to ponies pulling carriages, visited a one room school house and walked around all the old buildings. It was a fun break from our everyday routine.

The Make a Wish palace was an interesting experience. They have the child watch a video on how to make a wish then they have four stations. I want to be, I want to meet, I want to have, and I want to go. They tried to get those out of Emma but she was very tired from not taking a nap so we had to help her.

We came up with,
1. I want to be a fashionista and dress up
2. I want to meet Lilo and Stitch
3. I want to have a new fancy bedroom
4. I want to go to Hawaii to meet Lilo and Stitch

They narrow that down to three wishes so they had Emma rank them in order of importance. The wish granters saw a pattern with Emma loving Lilo and Stitch so they transformed the meet wish to include Disneyland.

1. I want to go to Hawaii to meet Lilo and Stitch
2. I want a new fancy bedroom
3. I want to go to Disneyland to meet Lilo and Stitch

We will hear from Make a Wish in about two weeks with which wish they chose to grant and a time frame of when it will happen. Then a week before the wish comes true they hold a party for Emma and give her the itinerary. A huge thank you to Erica and Kim, our Make a Wish volunteers!

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