Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2015, Hope.

I am not sorry to say goodbye to 2014, in fact, if it was a person I would call him a jerk. In 2014 I watched my baby have four MRIs, each time being put under and stopping my heart with panic. In that year I held her hand before surgery, rocked her with stitches, and drove her all over the state for specialists and follow ups. I cried more tears then ever before in my life when we were told she had an aggressive cancer. We all fought depression, we all were left desperately clinging to God's promise to provide, and we all had far too many time outs to collect our emotions.

There was good to counteract the bad, the amazing church fundraiser, the car wash, and all the other little fundraisers we did online to help with medical bills and expenses. People we know and more surprisingly people we had never met offered to help with time, talents, and funds. We were approved for Make a Wish. We saw promising MRI results. We were home for Christmas.

I am very much ready to put 2014 behind us and move on to a new year. A year that we will start with family surrounding us and a trip to Disneyland. A year that will have Hawaii and birthdays. A year that I hope we will beat cancer's tushy and send it packing.

I have so much hope moving forward so I would like to name 2015 the year of HOPE. Let's all take a moment to pray that hope is what we seek and hope is what we find.

Good night 2014, hello 2015.

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