Monday, December 15, 2014

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

When I picture the holidays I see Christmas cookies, and decorations, a brightly lite tree, stockings hanging waiting for Santa to arrive and family. When we cancelled the LA trip because of the weather we lost our Christmas with the family, although we will be there for New Years somehow it doesn't feel the same. I am happy and grateful that Brad and I have our own little family and our own little traditions to embrace. I filled our weekend with Christmas cheer and we have continued it into this week. We
decorated a gingerbread house, made shortbread cookies, practiced for the church Christmas pageant, went for a Santa visit and created some new ornaments for the tree.

This break from Emma's chemo treatments has been good timing. The weather became very stormy and our four hour round trip drive to the hospital may not have been possible! The Central Valley is not structured for heavy rain...or rain at all! If we get an inch of rain everything floods. I get nervous driving around here in the rain because drivers here do not know how to navigate in water. We lived for a long time in a place that got regular rain so I am used to it, these drivers are not! I cannot tell you how many cars I have witnessed sliding along the freeway out of control or stalled. Our next chemo visit next Monday so until then we are playing around and getting ready for Christmas day.

I have more holiday fun up my sleeve for this week but tomorrow we will take a break from it to mail out our Cancer Can Be calendars which we picked up today! I am so happy that we can share this project with our Cancer Warriors at Children's! If you have a childhood cancer fighter it is not too late to send him or her a calendar. In fact, we will send them out until January 31st. You can contact us through the blog, her Facebook or our email.

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