Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pick Up Your Cross

When CCS (an organization that pays medical bills your insurance does not cover) asks for proof of a
Just Emma's NICU papers
preexisting condition this gal gets a date with a file box full of paperwork. The amount of medical paperwork on this child is astounding. She spent the first four months of her life in the NICU fighting prematurity and feeding issues among many others.

Emma and I in the NICU
Yesterday as I am sorting through the paperwork searching for the information requested I was reflecting on Emma's journey and my journey as I fight for her life at every step of the way. There are medical terms I know and test results I can read that most people cannot. I can glance at an MRI result and know with out pathology readings if we have good news or bad. I know where to research for alternatives, trials and second opinions. Back in high school and the beginnings of college when I studied sports medicine and pre-med I never thought I would use that knowledge so much after I changed my major. God doesn't make mistakes, He knew I would need that knowledge.

Jesus says to pick up your cross and follow Him, we all have our crosses to carry. Some people carry mental illness or broken hearts. Emma picks up her cancer and then I pick up Emma. I got you baby, let's follow Him to the next adventure.

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