Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Good For The Soul

I believe with my full heart that gardening and farming are good for your soul. There is something so fulfilling about weeding out garden beds, planting seeds then nursing them into food that your family consumes with pleasure. It feels so human, so right. I think it goes back to humanity's time in the Garden of Eden. Somehow I feel closer to God. It also helps that we get a good does of vitamin D from the sunshine, many giggles as we get our hands dirty, and smiles from neighbors or mail man as they walk by. The last week or so the girls and I have been weeding out from the winter and preparing our food garden but also our front flower beds for Spring. This was the first year that Emma really showed an interest. She begs to go out to our little farm every morning and loves to go to the garden store with me to pick pretty flowers to plant. Lately everything must be purple so if you see all purple flowers and Emma constantly wearing purple clothes that is just par for the course! Everything, and I mean everything, must be purple!

We finished week 2 of the new chemo protocol. I am noticing that Emma is experiencing a pins and needles sensation in her legs but my biggest concern is she has a very hard time regulating her body temperature now. When she runs around she gets hot and has a hard time cooling down on her own, I have to take layers off and put cool wet cloths on her. When she gets cold she just cannot get warm, even with blankets and layers. We are running tests to determine if this is a side effect of the treatment or if she has developed an issue like an under active thyroid.

Emma's new glasses arrived, I will give you all one guess as to who picked them! She loves them so that is all that matters. We finally gave up looking for her original purple pair, she lost them just before Hawaii and they have never been found. I hope they turn up but while we look we have a very cute pair to help us see better!
Emma in her Zoobug Daisy glasses

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