Thursday, February 19, 2015

Inspirational Girl

Emma's project, Cancer Can Be, won her the Matilda Jane Inspirational Girl award! She got to pick a dress from their new line and then they surprised us by sending two more tops, a pair of pants and a sweater with scarf for me! It really made our day!

Emma is adjusting to her new chemo, the side effects we experienced at the switch are slowly getting less noticeable. Overall I think it was a good change. Her hair feels thicker and I cannot tell if it is wishful thinking or true but it seems to be growing! She has less nausea too. I have noticed she tires easily and needs to "rest" after activities like gardening or playing with her sisters. Her thyroid tests came back normal which should be a good thing but instead that might point to nerve damage from the chemo. She is complaining less about her legs hurting and being cold but it still worries me. Applying Frankincense to her several times a day seems to be helping.

This week was interesting because I got sick. This house does not have time for Mama to be down! I caught some weird viral thing, my doctor said it is not flu but it is viral and just to ride it out. We stayed home yesterday for me to rest and I woke up today with no voice but feeling more like myself. Now I am praying Emma does not catch it from me, her immunity numbers are good right now but she does get sickies easily.

The last thing I want to address is something that was brought to my attention this week. My best friend had a horrible thing happen, someone stole a picture of her daughter from her blog and claimed it was their child that died. They set up a GoFundMe account and were posting all over social media asking for help. This issue is still being addressed by the police and proper authorities. It made me nervous that someone could do something like this with Emma. I wanted to publicly state that the only fundraiser we have going right now for Emma is her gofundme that has been set up since May. If anyone sees any other fundraising attempt with Emma's picture or information please notify us right away. If we do any other fundraisers they will be announced here on the blog and on her Facebook page. We really want to protect Emma's public figure status and your charity by insuring it goes toward helping Emma and nothing else!

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