Friday, February 27, 2015

She's a Fighter

Emma with Pippa, they love each other!
Lately we have been experiencing a lot of highs and lows back to back. We have been enjoying the nice weather by gardening and playing with our new family members Pippa, Birdie, and Lou Lou who are baby chicks. We have played in orchards filled with amazing flowers and we have completed many fun homeschool activities. This week of chemo also marked the half way point in Emma's first round of chemo. We do not know if this will be her only round of chemo but we do hope and pray that is the case.

We were also hit hard with viral infections. I started it early last week and it took a hold of me fast. A week and a half later it is still holding on to me. I kept praying it would spare Emma but yesterday she spiked a fever and began to show the same symptoms as myself so we had to take her to the ER. We also caught pink eye from the eye doctor's office last week and spread it from person to person, we finally got rid of that a few days ago. I feel like we just keep catching these icky bugs!
Last night in the ER

Emma is home from the ER now and resting. She is eating normally which is a great sign. I can usually tell how bad she feels by if she eats or not. Eating means she is alright. They ruled out sepsis, flu, RSV, and UTI last night and her immunity ANC numbers were high so they sent us home to fight on our own. We are checking in by phone to Oncology today and if Emma gets even a hint of a fever again I am just driving her down to Children's. If we are going to be inpatient I want it to be there.
Emma this morning

Emma's Auntie and I are working on a very cool project. Stay tuned for something magical inspired by these lyrics by ‪#‎jamiegrace‬ , Fighter.

"...she knows the name of every nurse she sees
And though she don't like the chemo
She waits it out, never losin' hope that
someday soon she'll be cancer-free.

She's a fighter, got that fire
when you thought she'd fade away
Throws a fist up, as she gets up
Feelin' stronger everyday
When she gets down on her knees, she finds the courage to believe
She's a fighter, she's a figher
Who inspires me, oohooo
She inspires me."

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