Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ground Rules

Those of you who know me know that before Emma got sick I did not have a cell phone. Yes, it is true, I lived with out a cell phone! I hate cell phones and the culture that surrounds those horrid devices. One of my biggest pet peeves is that people feel like they have the right to contact you anytime, anywhere, for anything. No one respects the 9am to 9pm rule, people call you from
Emma, feeling much better today!
restrooms, text while driving, and want you to answer no matter what you are doing. Dinner time and family time are interrupted. The phone goes off while you sleep. Can you tell I hate them? Except that Emma must have one. I know that so I have a pay per month plan with no contract and very little data just in case I need to email a doctor.

Why did I go on my little rant? Because it is time to tell Emma's community some ground rules. This community that built up is amazing, supportive and fabulous. We love you and 99% of you are so fantastic there are not enough words to thank you. To those people I apologize that I must write the what is below. For that last 1% I need to say the following,

- When we are hospitalized is not the time to send messages asking us to do things for you or continue family spats. Especially the later. Those can wait until we are back on our feet please. From now on messages and requests that require extra brain power or time will be addressed the week after we arrive home.

- We are not interested in buying any nutritional shakes, miracle cancer cures, etc. If you have scientific peer reviewed studies, trials, or know of speacialists we would very much like to hear about those. We are not game for doctors that are under federal investigation for patients dying with their supposed "cures" or supplements that cured cancer for random people but cannot be backed by science. Please respect this and stop trying to sell us things. We do not have any money anyway!

Again, we are so grateful for all the help that people give us. In particular; Andrea who has become like an Aunt / guardian angel to Emma, Katie who selflessly watches Gracie several times a month for appointments, our church who prays for us and helps us with medical bills, my amazing friends who chat with me online and keep me upbeat, our fellow cancer friends that remind me to keep things in perspective, Leslie for always sending Emma little extras, Kayleigh and her friends who gifted me a Tula to make it easier at appointments, Cora's due date club gals who have been amazing during this whole process and most importantly my sister Amber who is my rock (I could write a whole post on how much I love several posts).

So to sum up I do hate cell phones but I have learned to love Emma's phone because it keeps us connected to all of you. So I guess you could say that you all changed my mind. And I do wish I did not have to write this blog post but this week it was really extra hard.

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