Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Not Lucky But Blessed

Emma and her twin Gracie
 A theme of St. Patrick's day is "luck". Everywhere you look today you will see lucky four leaf clovers, rainbows with pots of gold, and all things green. It is a day of silly fun that I have loved since childhood. Today as I think about the word luck I ponder it's true meaning. I would consider myself to be a very unlucky person. In fact, if there is a very small chance of us hitting a harder step in Emma's process we always hit it. Statistics mean nothing to us because we always seem to be in that tiny 4% of kids that get xyz. When it comes down to it we are unlucky but I would consider us blessed. We are blessed to have all of you fighting with us and for us. To have help of friends when we are in need. To have a God who cries with us and turns a bad situation into a way to inspire and bless others. Yes, we are very unlucky. Cancer chose us. However, we are truly blessed and that is because of all of you!

Our Fighter Campaign went really well. We raised $475 to put care baskets together for kids who are fighting illness. We have three little girls that we are hand picking items for their baskets this week. We are also going to put together a couple generic baskets that could work for different age ranges to hold on to when we hear about a new child in need. I am using some of the funds to make Emma a basket as well so the next time she is inpatient she has her own basket of love to keep her happy. If anyone hand creates anything that would be appropriate or if you would like to donate gift box items please email us at throughemmaseye@gmail.com. The plan is to build the boxes over the next couple weeks, we will take pictures of them before we send them out!

Thank you to these amazing people who fight along side us and supported the cause!
LuAnn, Quinn, Paul, Kathy, Andrea, Lauren, Abbe, Amy, James, Julie, Jennifer, Theresa, Holly and Jean!

Chemo went well yesterday...as well as can be expected after a week of sickness. Her blood count numbers are back to normal so that is sign she is finished fighting the virus. She has a residual cough but the doctor ran tests and it is nothing that needs a treatment, just an annoyance. It has created a
little extra fun for us because chemo makes her nauseated so a cough makes her throw up even more. The drive home was interesting to say the least. She is in good spirits this morning. As you can see in the St. Patrick's Day photo she was not standing still for long! Hopefully we stay out of the hospital this week, all the extra stress from last week brought my stomach ulcer back so we all need some quiet!

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