Monday, August 3, 2015

The wind of freedom blows

 Die Luft der Freiheit weht
 The wind of freedom blows

We carted both girls off to Standford to find answers. Today we got some answers but mostly more appointments for Emma. These day everything is a liability risk so they need to see Emma in person in the Neuro Oncology department and get her in another MRI before telling us the treatment plan. The good news is they accepted our case and Emma is now officially a Standford girl!

Next steps, this week I will be organizing several appointments. First they want Emma to do an end
1 year of chemo
of chemo MRI there and after see the Neuro Oncologist. After the results are analyzed from the MRI we will go back to Dr. Edwards, the Neuro Surgeon for another consult on her brain tumors. She also needs to see their Neuro Ophthalmologist and Endocrinologist. Many many new appointments for her and many more miles to pack onto the baby bus (our mini van).

Like I said, not many answers now. Thank you so much for all the prayer and supportive messages and care packages. A special thank you to Fitness Factor, Jared and Joy, Beth and her coworkers, Jennifer, Kimberly and her husband, Nicole and her girls, Katie, and our church family. We really feel the love, I wish I had more to tell all of you. I can say we are in excellent hands at Standford and the future already looks a little more bright for our Emma.

We are trying to refocus positive energy on helping others. In September, to honor Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we will be having another auction on the She's a Fighter page. The purpose is to raise money for 6 little girls that Emma's running team is supporting this Christmas. If you can donate an item or help in anyway please contact us. These little girls need a happy Christmas to look forward to during these chemo filled days.

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