Thursday, September 24, 2015


Sometimes in life we need to hit the reset button. Sadly the rewind button never works and there are certainly times I have wished for a fast forward. However, reset, that is button that you can use. For nearly two years we have been Emma Central. All things Emma related are handled here. We try to stop and play but mostly life is filled with appointments and hospitals. When chemo ended Emma and I were left staring at each other...what now? She would have nightmares, I would have nightmares. She would have panic attacks, I would have panic attacks. We needed a fresh start.

Any mother of two or more children under four years old will tell you the last thing they want to do is pack up those kids and go on a road trip with out their spouse. I knew the ride down would be horrible, perhaps something akin to Dante's Inferno? My need for a fresh start was stronger than my need to stay behind so I packed up the girls and hit the road. Four hours in I felt I made a horrible mistake. It was too late to turn back so onward to Los Angeles.

I am glad we went. I was able to get some time off to reconnect with my first life partner, Amber. We
Emma and Auntie Amber
have that special friendship, family connection that only comes along once in a lifetime. Sometimes it is the spouse you marry and sometimes it is your best friend and sister. We ran fast away from all five of our kids and escaped for a day. It was exactly what both of us needed.

The days with Grandma and Grandpa made me realize how tired I am at home and how much I do around here. Life is non stop in this home. It is hard without brain tumors and blindness and chemo. I will miss the grandparents and truly wish I could have packed them up in the car with us!

This coming week will be a busy one as well. Tomorrow is the deadline to submit donation information for the She's a Fighter Auction. This online auction will go to the girls for Christmas funds to make it a happy time. Future fundraising will go toward the families to help with bills and hospital related expenses. If you can donate anything this is the  form to fill out. The Auction will open for bids on Sunday and it will close with the end of September on Wednesday. If you cannot donate an item please come and buy an item to support the girls! Here is the link to the group page where the auction will take place, She's a Fighter Auctions.

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