Thursday, October 1, 2015


I have said for years that I did not believe in Karma. Can you blame me? No mother of a child filled with brain tumors wants to think somehow that was put on her for something she did in the past. How horrible. However, today I was chatting with another mom who is in this battle and said that I do believe in a smaller form of Karma. The kind that if I invest time and energy and resources into this extended family of childhood cancer and tumors that it will come back to me. Not always in the way that you expect but it is always just what you need. Some how we survive and I truly believe it is because of our Faith in God and our help from kind people.

Katie and I daydreamed up this plan to run the Disney marathon for a group of girls. That morphed into a conversation about how terrible the holidays are for families going through chemo and hospital appointments back to back. For two years our holidays have been taken over by brain tumors. It sucks. It is not a normal Christmas at all and it comes and goes but leaves this feeling of being "robbed". Last year I tried really hard to have a good Christmas for the girls. I started making and finding presents months ahead of time and set up fun activities for the whole month of December. We did have fun but we were alone. No family at all. That stinks.

Well not this year for our six girls. This year we designed an online auction to raise funds for these girls to have a happy Christmas, whatever that means. If it means toys that the family could not regularly afford because of high medical bills then it is toys. If it means a family outing that would normally have to wait for funds then it is that outing. If it is flying family out to the hospital to spend the holidays together, even if it is as a hospital, then it is for flights.

I am so happy to help these other girls! You may have noticed that both of our twins were in the auction, I did that for a reason. Gracie has her own set of tumors and challenges that earned her a special Christmas but I also wanted a little funds to let the girls play St. Nick to other kids. Emma, Gracie, Cora & I will be buying gifts or necessities for other friends that we could not get in the auction. If you know of a child who needs Christmas cheer, maybe he is inpatient in the hospital, maybe she just lost all her hair from chemo, or maybe you know another family with multiple sick children like ours. We want to hear about them!

Thank you for everyone that donated, played admin, and won items. It was certainly our smoothest auction, everyone paid on time and we had very little drama! Let's hope that continues as we get all these items mailed out!

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