Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Photo Story

The surgery went well today. We were up at 4am and spent about five hours in the hospital. The surgery itself went fast. The less invasive technique worked so that shortened the surgery time and made the whole process easier. 

The surgeon was able to remove a 2cm chuck of her tumor from behind her eye. Hopefully this will relieve some pressure and help her eye to sit in the socket. The tissue is being tested to determine if it is cancer, we should know in a few days. 

I was able to scrub up and be in the operating room while she was put under. I'll never forget the look she gave me. It still brings me to tears. Emma, I'm so sorry I couldn't help you to fully understand. I hope you have no memories of this as an adult. 

Emma is recovering well. Her eye is red, bloody and swollen and she has nine self dissolving stitches. As I write this I'm rocking her gently as she sleeps trying to forget the traumatic events of the morning. 

It went as well as it could have and yet I find myself emotionally spent and ready to cry until the tears are gone. The doctor said she will recover quickly, I hope my nerves mend just as fast. 

Thank you to everyone who prayed for us today. And thank you to the UCI staff, you were amazing and very supportive. We could feel all your support!


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  2. Sending so much love! Thank you for sharing these pictures. I cry with every update. God is so good! ♥


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