Monday, June 30, 2014

Paving The Way For Progress

Emma had her follow up appointment today and it went quite well. She is healing nicely and we got the clearance to take her back home so tomorrow we have a six hour drive back!

Her surgery went so well that the university asked for our permission to use the video in a book!
Holding her healing oils
Emma's surgery will be published as a good alternative for a Neurofibromatosis optic nerve glioma. It is our prayer that Emma helped pave the way to bring healing and hope to other children fighting NF1. The study will also be forwarded to The Children's Tumor Foundation to add to their research on NF1 treatments. The surgery was such a hard choice but I believe we made the best decision for Emma and it looks like some good research will come as a result.

The next steps are to allow her a four months for healing. In July we will go to the Genetics Specialist for a check up and to update the doctor on the surgery.  At the end of September Emma will go for another MRI to see what the tumor did after surgery then we will come back down here for a follow up with the Herbert Eye Institute. At that time Emma will be fitted for glasses to protect her eye sight in her good eye by preventing strain and to add prisms to her blind eye to help keep the eye straight. We are hoping that if we can get her blind eye muscles to tighten and get used to bring straight it will prevent her blind eye from constantly turning in a different direction from her seeing eye. I'm sure our little fashionista will be excited for a new accessory!

Grandma helped us at today's appt.
Some of you already know that the day after Emma's surgery her father was hospitalized as well. We had an unexpected ER trip for a bad case of pneumonia. He is recovering well now, thank you to everyone who prayed for Brad during this trying time. He has his own tests and follow ups with doctors when we return.

So for now, other then our Genetics appointment, we get four months off to heal and begin preschool.

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  1. Praise God!!! It's so wonderful to hear her surgery went so well! :)
    It's also great to hear Brad is doing better as well! :)

    Have a safe trip home!


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