Monday, July 7, 2014

The C-word

Each generation has an epic event where they will always remember where they were or what they were doing when it happened. Our parents had JFK, we had September 11th. Events that are burned into our minds. Today will forever be burned into my memory, today is the day we found out Emma has cancer.

No one expected it but me. I had one of those nagging mothers intuitions telling me something was
horrifically wrong with my child. Less then a 10% chance meant nothing to me. Somehow I just knew she would be in that small percentage. She was diagnosed with a grade 3 brain tumor.

We have appointments at Children's on Friday to discuss chemotherapy treatment options. I'll have more information after that appointment but for now here is the answers to the questions I know you all have,

- How are you doing?
Not good. We are broken hearted and pissed off at the card we were dealt. We are depressed in every sense of the word. We are leaning hard on God's promise to shelter us from the storm. I know people mean well when they ask this question but most don't want the real answer. So there it is, we are not doing well but functioning.

- Is it malignant / life threatening?
Yes and no, it depends who you talk to. She will make it through, I'm sure of that. It has not metastasized so that makes her prognosis better.

- Can I help?
Yes, please pray for us. Leave us room for grumpy days and short tempers or not getting things done on time.  Help us with support groups or medical referrals. And the biggest help is please don't ask the hard questions or tell us stories of children you know that died from brain tumors / cancer. We still have the Go Fund Me account set up, Emma's Go Fund Me and we could really use help with things like dinners on appointment days and gas cards to get to appointments. It looks like she will have weekly appointments at children's (90 minute drive) once a week. In our van that's a small fortune in gas!

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  1. I am crying as I read this.......I wish there was something I could say that would help ease the pain....but in times suffering like this, words just seem to fall short. Please know that you are all always in our prayers.


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