Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Morale Boost

We are still waiting for a confirmation of Emma's diagnosis. It has been a very long wait! The longer we wait the harder it becomes. Hopefully we will hear something soon. While we wait we have a few things going on to give us a morale boost.

We have a new way to stay in touch, head over and "like" Emma's Facebook page! Through Emma's Eye

Wednesday Emma is meeting the Child Life Psychologist at the hospital. He will use play to help Emma understand the general idea of what is going on with her body and what will come. He is going to send her home with a "chemo baby" that has her own mediport device so Emma can take her home to play doctor. In our last surgery Emma did not fully understand what we were doing or why. She is still trying to process everything and will talk about it to almost anyone who will listen. "Doctor hurt eye. Boo boo. Eye all better now." That is the general story she tells. We are hoping that the chemo baby will help her to process more.

Friday is the last day to place your 31 Bags order with Jennifer to benefit Emma. She is donating her commission to Emma's medical expenses. If you are planning to order please do so! 31 Bags Event

Next Sunday our church is hosting a Benefit Dinner for Emma. It is at St. Peter's Lutheran Church on Sunday August 3rd. Dinner will be tacos! Doors open at 4:00 and dinner is at 5:00. Suggested donation of $10 per person. There will be a Silent Auction with amazing themed baskets such as "movie night" and "wine and cheese". Our church members can make a basket to enter, please contact Janet Ente or Judi Mello at our church for information. We saw a cute sign up sheet in church today and I know many more people then just those few want to come, please help to spread the word! I made an image below that you can share on your email lists and Facebook pages. Let's try to run out of seats! 

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