Thursday, July 31, 2014

God Heals The Broken Hearted

Emma rocking the Persnickety 2013 Princess Millie outfit
I have to admit, ever since Emma's biopsy came back as stage three cancer I have had "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted" stuck in my head. I know the song is about a romantic relationship but so much of it speaks to me right now. What does become of the broken hearted? Hope. All that is left is hope that God can put the pieces back together again. So for now a broken heart but hope for the future.

We went to see the Child Life Psychologist yesterday. I took all three girls by myself and oh boy, I took on more then I should! It was good for Gracie to come, she has never been to the hospital. I
think she is convinced that we leave her with friends and take Emma to Disneyland! She finally saw that our doctor visits are not a party and the four hour drive is far from fun.

It was a good visit. All three girls got to take a baby home, Emma's baby has a pretend Medi Port device and a doctor bag with pretend medicine for her to play with at home. Our hope is it helps her to understand somewhat the events to occur in the very near future. On Tuesday she goes in for her surgery to place the chemo port and she will get her first round of chemo. We have to plan to stay overnight for observation...that should be interesting with baby sister. I'm sure the night will consist of me staying awake upright on the couch while Cora sleeps in the carrier and Emma sleeps in the bed. Thankfully Auntie Amber is coming to help me!

Our church fundraiser is Sunday and although I have contacted a couple news teams I have not heard
back that it will be covered at all. If anyone has any connections in the local news can you please spread the word? I am getting a little concerned that wonderful people have put a lot of work into an event that not many will attend. Local Modesto friends we hope to see you there!!

Lastly, I made Emma a Facebook page in the hopes that it brings a connection to a trial or treatment. We found our amazing surgeon by our friend Becca reading our blog and connecting us. Maybe we are lucky enough to have it happen again! Please like her page and share it with your friends! From now on I will update there first because it is easy to do so from my phone and then update the blog later with more details when I have the time. On surgery day I will be posting a picture story again but on the Facebook page. Emma's Facebook

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