Monday, June 9, 2014

Picture Prayers

Exam while holding her Balance oils!
We did not have surgery today. It turns out that we have to do a few exams and sign offs first, along with a preOP, a postOP and a possible set of hospital recovery days. Originally we planned to do surgery today but the doctors office said we couldn't do it on this trip. So today was a surgery consult.

Emma will go back to UC Irvine on June 25th for her surgery. The goal is to debulk her tumor and
After doctor visit cuddles
biopsy the mass to make sure it is not cancer. Hopefully the pressure relief will help her eye to go back into the socket more to lesson her facial deformity.

We did learn today that her tumor is still growing toward the orbital chiasm, if it crosses over she will go completely blind. Right now she is only blind in her right eye. There is nothing we can do to prevent this from happening but pray. Chemo cannot prevent it from happening and the surgery cannot stop it without getting very invasive and dangerous Please pray that Emma's tumor will stop growing.

So the plan is to return home tomorrow and have a "normal" two weeks then drive back down for surgery. I'm making a picture book for Emma of all her friends and family who are praying for her, if you feel so led please send us a picture of you and include any notes you want me to read to her. I will fix it to pages, laminate it and let her read it over the surgery journey.


  1. Thank you for the update Anya. We have been praying for you especially today. We will all continue to pray, and I will ask anyone I know to pray also. I think the idea of the picture book is so very beautiful! May God hold Emma in the hollow of His hand.

  2. The Embry Family in Texas is holding your family in our hearts. May angels watch over you and Emma on your path.


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