Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our Heroes

Heroes come in all sizes but to Cancer moms most of us would say that a true hero's heart lives in a child fighting a huge battle. Emma is my hero. She goes through life smiling. At chemo treatments she is smiling, at MRI appointments she is smiling, at numerous other appointments she is smiling. She charms every single nurse. I really think this girl has a fan club! We walk through the door of the oncology department and the whole staff lights up, they all just love Emma. There is something about this child. She was born too early, a micropreemie, she spent her first four months of her life fighting for life in the NICU. I remember watching her sleep in the NICU room thinking to myself, if she can survive this she can do anything. Time after time she proves me right. This little girl can do anything, even fight cancer.
Our three little Heroes!

This Halloween we were superheroes. The girls wore homemade costumes that were a joint effort by my wonderful Mother in Law and myself. It was planned for months but it became very appropriate when just a couple days before the holiday we learned that Emma's tumors are retreating.

Part of the theme was to take a moment to thank all of our heroes. The people and organizations that helped us in so many ways. From prayer to dinners to fundraisers to trips to Hawaii these are the people who keep us going and make it possible to fight. In no particular order we thank these heroes: St. Peter's Lutheran family, Emmaus Lutheran Church, Fitness Factor, Tracey, Katie,The Cartright Family, Bethany, Auntie Amber, Andrea, Leia, Lilly Bumpus, Sandy, The Darpinian Family, Leslie from Matilda Jane, Make a Wish, Mom's Club of Turlock ladies, everyone who donated to our Go Fund Me, Elves and Angels Family, DS March Mama's group, Persnickety Clothing Company, Livie & Luca shoes, the Well Dressed Wolf mamas who let us borrow clothes, Juliana, Rachelle, Arielle, our team at Children's Hospital Madera with a special shout out to Kim, Dr. Tao with the team at UC Irvine, and our loving family too who rescue us daily!
Emma playing at our Monster Mash

We swoon to you and say proudly, "Our Hero!"

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  1. I think someone deserves a Super Mom cape! You keep smiling even with the weight of the world on your shoulders...and you don't just say "woe is me" and wallow in your own pity. You support other cancer warriors, find creative ways to bless them with things like a beautiful calendar that took hundreds of hours of work, you run this wonderful blog to keep us all in the loop, and you find ways to encourage others.

    Way to go, Mama! You're a hero to me! <3


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