Saturday, November 8, 2014

Our Little Four Eyes

A year ago we thought Emma had a lazy eye and took her for an eye exam. We walked out with a referral for an MRI. That began a year long journey of tests, surgeries, and tears. It was a hard year. No parent walks into an eye exam thinking the doctor will tell you he sees a tumor through your child's eye. It took nearly that entire year to get some good news, that Emma's six brain tumors are retreating thanks to her chemotherapy. I saw the MRI images last Thursday and it is amazing to see the difference. The tumors are less dense and smaller. Hopefully Emma continues on this path and those tumors die.

So a year later after our journey began at an eye exam it went full circle and ended at an eye exam. Emma is blind in one eye but she has always had decent
eyesight out of her seeing eye. Recently she became obsessed with lights and would rub her eye at the end of the day telling us that it hurt. I was concerned that her only seeing eye was straining so we took her back in for an exam. As we thought she is far sighted, most children are at this age, but hers is enough to consider glasses. She also has astigmatism just like I do. Poor girl, I now know why she is obsessed with lights! To us lights turn into fuzzy balls and make it difficult to pick out any one thing. So we fitted Emma for glasses. Of course this little fashionista had a blast trying on all the glasses but she was quite upset that we have to wait for her special pair to arrive! They are very Emma, and not the
ones pictured but this gives you an idea of the direction she went with the look. We will reveal her glasses in a fun photo shoot when they arrive.

We also have good news about the Cancer Can Be Calendars, you can now get one of your very own! Please visit our site for more information, We are not able to sell online at this time, there was a lot of discussion with financial advisers on how to handle this pay it forward with out being a nonprofit and this was the only way we could do it. We decided that people who donate to the costs of printing and shipping the calendars to children with cancer will receive one of their own. The donation minimum is $20 which covers the costs of a calendar to a child and a calendar to the person who donated. If the person donating would like more than one calendar then they are $10 each after the $20 (for example. $30 will be two calendars and $40 will be three calendars). Please follow the steps below receive a calendar from Emma.

 - Mail cash or a check to our PO Box, please make sure to copy the address exactly how it appears below.
Emma Heidenberg
c/o Brad Heidenberg
PO Box 576283
Modesto, CA 95357

- Please make checks payable to Emma Heidenberg and write Cancer Can Be in the memo line.

- If your donation is over $20 please specify how many calendars you would like to receive, if no note is seen we will direct the extra funds into printing more calendars for children. 

- If any funds are left after January we will put it into the next pay it forward project which is children's books on chemo and cancer or we will donate it to St. Baldwicks.

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